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Meet The Team

Jon Kirkpatrick

The Dad, The "Boss", and The Craftsman



Meghan Harrington

The Daughter (The REAL Boss), Designer, and The Stain Master


A native of Louisiana, Jon and his wife have planted the longest roots in Charlotte, NC.  His craftmanship and attention to detail are a huge part of Jon's success with woodworking.  Not only does he enjoy making beautiful things out of trees, but he gets to work alongside his family while doing it. 


Jon and his daughter, Meghan, are the dream team of Kirkwood Design NC.  Meghan, an artist at heart, loves to create beautiful pieces in the finishing process of woodworking.  Having moved around the US with her husband and kids, Meghan's family has settled into eastern NC.  


The one who can do anything

Shane Kirkpatrick

Truly great at whatever he creates, Shane is the one who can do anything.  If you don't find him making someone laugh, he will probably be at the beach hanging with his sweet family.

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